Website Building

During high school and college Bailey enjoyed spending his time on his laptop trying to find new skills that he could learn. Around 2014, he discovered a few videos about how to make websites. He was able to created his own personal website after watching those videos. He has also learned by created multiple personal websites such as his own drop shipping businesses, and clothing companies. He has experience in both Shopify and Wix. Over the years, he has started to create some high quality and professional websites for large companies such as Bryan Builders, LLC.

Throughout college, Bailey took courses in marketing to understand the importance of attention to detail. These course help him improve his skill set to become more effective in capturing the readers attention. With a degree in management and entrepreneurship, he was abe to have get the management views of marketing.

Bailey has a lot of experience with customer service, and that is the most important part of this company. We strive on creating the best experience for both you and your customers. If you want anything changed or adjusted we will work on that! Never hesitated to ask us anything!


In 2014 Bailey took a photography class. That was the start of his new hobby and passion for photography and video editing. In addition, Bailey made a YouTube channel when he was 14 years old that has since amassed over 1,000,000 views. Today he has done some professional photography and video editing such as engagement photos, automotive photos, content creation photos, project videos and much more.

Bailey pays attention to the small details of the photos that makes everything so important such as the background, light exposure, subject, poses, and candid photos. Once the pictures are taken, then addition edits will be made to the particular subjects. For example, we fix blemishes like zits, dark circles, eye color, whiten teeth, skin tone. Then we highlight the detail in the photos and then adjust the light exposure, and possibly a filter.

Content Creation

Bailey's experience with content creation comes from his personal experience with marketing his failed businesses. I've learned for years and I have the software that helps me to design professional logos. I've learned by making about 20+ different logos for different individuals and what they wanted in particular.

Furthermore, after having a few e-commerce businesses I have experimented with and used social media marketing to sell my products online. It is more than just the narrowing down the target market, it's about having a compelling advertisement that will attract the audience to make a sale. Creating the perfect photo, or video is the most important part of advertising and we will give you the help to create an effective advertisement.

Bailey has experience with managing social media accounts for businesses and interacting with customers. He has experience with a few accounts with over 5,000+ followers or page likes and with a combined total of about 20,000 followers.


Kenzie's Daycare was the first professional experience consulting with a small business. Kenzie was a small business wanting to scale, but fell back financially with expanding. In the consulting report, our team worked with her to discuss many things she said that "I didn't think about that." We have a background in management and have taken many classes in human resources, business law, life insurance, business analytics, marketing, finance, accounting, communication.

We were able to discuss a lot of potential ideas for her small business and be able to learn from what the client wanted as well.

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