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Bailey Dillon


Specialized in Web Design, Photography, Consulting,  Social Media Management, Content Creation (advertisements, business cards, t-shirts, etc.) 

As a Website Designer near Joliet, Illinois I have the skills and experience to help my clients thrive. I bring my clients’ visions to life through a range of visual media services. Since 2015, I’ve provided clients with extensive design services that set them apart from the competition. After graduating Illinois State University in May 2019 with a Bachelors degree with Quantitative Methods & Business Analytics and a minor in Small Business Management and Entrepreneurship I decided to pass on my knowledge and skills to other small businesses.

I provide personalized attention to detail and guidance throughout the whole process, from the initial concept to the final result. I strive on creating the most fantastic client experience along with a service that will boost your brand.

I believe customer experience is the key factor to having a successful business. This company will always strive to provide the best experience for clients.

Johnnie Darden

Digital Marketing Specialist

Specialized in Google Ads, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing, and Web Design.


Currently, I am pursuing my degree in marketing. I love working with e-commerce companies and anything to do with digital marketing. I enjoy advertising as it brings ideas to life, giving the ability to reach out to people, and deliver solutions based upon individual needs.

Digital marketing is my passion and I'm excited to grow with Joliet Digital Marketing. I believe that learning is a key factor to living a successful life. Being able to constantly learn through books, informational videos, and other sources has helped me become who I am today.


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